Do you know the meaning of Kawaii word?


Kawaii is a really nice word !!! There is no need to translate it, it translates itself.

No??? Ok, let's translate it!

Kawaii is a Japanese term that corresponds to "cute", "adorable", “pretty”, “lovely”.

You know those big, sweet and sparkling eyes that look at you and say "hug me, can't you see how cute am I?” This is mainly kawaii.

All that is sweet, with two big eyes and a smile, characterized by pastel colors, pink, blue, yellow, green, lilac, everything that makes us exclaim “so cuteoooo” is Kawaii.


kawaii-unicorn-cute-carino-unicorno-pastel color          kawaii-cute-carino-gatto-unicorno-pastel color


Kawaii not only identifies cute objects, but also people and ways of doing things. Even if the kawaii culture has much deeper roots, it is only after the 80s that it becomes a real lifestyle, a fashion that from Japan has crossed the borders to reach us.

The trend of living Kawaii is in vogue especially among young Japanese, mainly girls, who manifest it not only in the way they dress but also in the way they speak, write and behave. The media describe these girls with the term Harajuku girls, but I'll tell you about that in another chapter.

ragazza-girl-kawaii-harajuku-kawaii-pastelcolor-moda-fashion-stile-style      ragazze-girls-kawaii-cute-harajuku-pastelcolor-moda-stile-fashion-style

Anime and manga culture was also heavily influenced by the kawaii style. In fact, many girls dress and make up like comic book characters. Blue and pink dresses, purple hair and multicolor accessories, all strictly light “pastel color”.

manga-kawaii-cute-anime-harajuku-giappone-fumetti        kawaii-girl-ragazza-anime-fumetto-pastelcolor-unicorn

The most famous "characters" Kawaii characters were created in Japan but currently many of the kawaii products are designed, manufactured and imported not only from the country of origin but also from Korea China and the USA, this testimony that in recent decades this lifestyle has depopulated all over the world.

Am I wrong or do I hear your tender little voice saying “so cute" ???